Simplecom CA110S Premium SATA 3 HDD SSD Data Cable Sleeved with Ferrite Bead Lead Clip Straight



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CA110 series SATA 3 cable is specifically designed with premium quality, for connecting motherboards and host controllers to SATA HDD, optical drives or SSD. Each end has an attached locking latch, to ensure that your connections do not come loose due to movement or vibration. Cables are fully sleeved for better protection and looking, Ferrite Magnetic Filtration to improve the stability and speed.


Available Straight to Straight or Straight to Angle connectors
Premium quality SATA3 cable for reliable data transfer
Reduce interference inside computer case
Ferrite Magnetic Filtration to improve the stability and speed
Sleeved Cable for better protection and looking
Compatible with Serial ATA Hard Drives, SSD, CD-RW, DVDs, and other devices

Connector 1: 7 pin SATA Plug Straight
Connector 2: 7 pin SATA Plug Straight
Connectors with Metal Lead Clip
Supports SATA revision III up to 6 Gbps
Backwards compatible with SATA I, II ports
Cable Length: 50cm Approximately


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Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 190 × 115 × 14 mm



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