Astrotek 3m Serial RS232 Null Modem Cable – DB9 Female to Female 7C 30AWG-Cu Molded Type Wired crossover for data transfer between 2 DTE devices LS

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Astrotek Null Modem Cable 3m – DB9F/9F 7C 30AWG-Cu Molded type RoHS Grey

The ASTROTEK DB9 Null modem cables allowing you to connect a serial device to a 9-pin serial port, or transfer files directly from PC-to-PC via a serial connection. The transmit and receive signals are crossed to ensure proper data transmission. Each null modem cable is designed with a rugged, overmolded construction that provides added strain relief and a solid connection each time.

• Null-modem wiring scheme
• Fully molded connector and strain relief
• DB 9pin male to male

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Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 245 × 170 × 10 mm



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