Aten Professional Converter VGA to DVI converter (VGA in, DVI-D out) 1600×1200



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The VC160A is a VGA-to-DVI Converter that lets you view VGA source data in DVI output display. It uses dual power
sources – from the VGA port and a power adapter. The VC160A is compact, flexible and convenient to install – with no software required. It supports a wide range of resolutions for a more enjoyable quality video experience.

Converts analog VGA signals to DVI output
Multiplatform support – Windows and Mac
No software required – eliminates incompatibility and installation issues
Compact and lightweight
Supports dual power sources – VGA port or power adapter (in case the VGA port cannot provide sufficient power)
Superior video quality – up to 1080P (HDTV) or 1920×1200 (PC)
Automatically detects video input signals (indicated by LED)
Smart Video Display – Image quality is optimized based on the available resolution of the output device
Screen Position Button – screen position can be adjusted and restored for each output resolution


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Weight 0.77 kg
Dimensions 240 × 160 × 60 mm


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