ProsKit Fibre Optic Tool Kit of basic tools that are essential for fibre optic termination

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Basic termination tool kit that provides the user with a whole range of basic tools that are essential for fibre optic termination.

Set of 10 components:
Fibre optic crimping tool
Side Cutter 125mm
Universal syringe 2.5ml
Fibre optic stripper
Fibre optical kevlar cutting scissors
Set of polishing disks for SC/ST
Carbide Fibre scribe
Fibre optic viewing scope kit
Foam swabs cleaning kit w/solution
Utility component storage box

All neatly packed into a handy pouch weighing 13kg! (280x197x70mm)

Additional information

Weight 1.68 kg
Dimensions 290 × 216 × 84 mm



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