Ex-Demo Lenovo ThinkCentre Tiny-in-One 3 (24″, Touch) Monitor

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Modular functionality saves you costs and headaches

Versatile and instantly configurable, this modular all-in-one neatly houses a Tiny PC (sold separately) inside the monitor, meaning you can build the PC fit for your business. Tiny-in-One 3 is compatible with ThinkCentre M Series Tiny PC generations 2-4, Chromebox, and Thin Clients; simply tuck the model of your choice into the back of the display, and within seconds you’ll have a modular solution – not to mention deployment cost savings.


Lenovo ThinkCentre TIO 3 (24), back view beside multiple tiny PCs showing versatility


Choose when – and what – to upgrade

Because they are separate modules, the PC and monitor can be changed independently of one another – unlike traditional all-in-one systems, where the CPU is integrated with the display. When it’s time for an upgrade, there’s no need to replace the entire system.


Lenovo ThinkCentre TIO 3 (24), back view with mouse and keyboard


Impressive design yields clear graphics and clear work space

With its sleek borderless 24-inch touch display, TIO 3 is sure to impress your customers and colleagues alike. Its Full HD resolution is crystal-clear, with a space-saving footprint that keeps your work area neat and tidy. And its adjustable lift, tilt, pivot, and swivel ensure that it’s comfortable from any angle.


Lenovo ThinkCentre TIO 3 (24), front view showing 90 degree monitor rotation


Stay connected – with colleagues and with hardware

Collaboration is the key to success, and TIO 3 keeps you connected. Its touch-activated 1080p camera and integrated speakers will make remote meetings feel like you’re there in-person. And its USB 3.1 port makes it easy to connect whatever peripherals you may need.


Lenovo ThinkCentre TIO 3 (24), front view showing video chat, with keyboard and mouse


Thieves need not apply

TIO 3 can be easily secured – along with its inserted PC – via Kensington lock. And the camera is equipped with a turndown module, to prevent hackers and other intruders from seeing you.


Lenovo ThinkCentre TIO 3 (24), rotatable webcam detail view



Part Number 66TD6LMT24T
Display 23.8″ IPS LED 10-point Multi-touch display
Audio 2 x 2 watt
Tilt Angle (front/back)
-5º / 30º
Swivel Angle (left/right)
+/- 45º
Lift 4.3” / 110mm
Clockwise 0º to 90º
VESA Mount
Kensington® Lock Slot
  • USB 3.1
  • 3-in-1 connector (includes power, DP input, USB input)
  • Additional Ports: USB in, DP in
Box Supported
Tiny 2, Tiny 3, Tiny 4, Chromebox, Thin Client
Depending on many factors such as the processing capability of peripheral devices, file attributes, and other factors related to system configuration and operating environments, the actual transfer rate using the various USB connectors on this device will vary and is typically slower than the data rates as defined by the respective USB specifications: – 5 Gbit/s for USB 3.1 Gen1; 10 Gbit/s for USB 3.1 Gen2 & 20 Gbit/s for USB 3.2.


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